Packaged into 90 minutes are heroes and villains, hope and despair, skill and drama, a miniature war with flags and armies.

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real madrid club de fútbol

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Real Madrid + colours

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For the past few weeks I’ve been making my boyfriend’s photo ID various footballers and attempting to teach him about them so I want to see how much he was actually paying attention

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  • Hardest thing for a football fan: Seeing a player you love leave your club.
  • Also: player you hate joining team you love

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when I scream, “HEY NOW,” your response of “this is what dreams are made of” or “you’re an all star” really determines my opinion of you

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UEFA Champions League 2013-14: Quarter Finals

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"…the daddy of the group, but we’ve corrupted him a little bit"

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I’d be a good WAG. I don’t want their money or their fame. I just want their body.

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People who can make jokes about my team: me.

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So worth the $136 million


So worth the $136 million

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